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Document Library

Parents Coaches
Parent Information Kit
      Parent nformation Night - Presentation (pdf) 
      Player Medical Form (pdf) Code of Conducts
      Parent Code of Conduct Form
      Player Code of Conduct Form
      Coach Code of Conduct Form

      Mid-Year Parent Survey 
      Mid-Year Player Survey
      Year End Survey (Word, Excel, PDF

Application Forms & Related Docs
      Head Coach Application Form 
      Coach Qualifications (pdf) 
      Coach / Manager Handbook
      Coach Stream Courses
      Coach Information Night  (PDF, PPT
      Ontario NCCP Course Schedule
      Tryout Evaluation Form (Example)

Player Affiliation Docs
      Player Affiliation Chart (pdf)
      Player Affiliation Form
      Affiliation Report
Documents & Guides
      Tournament Guide (pdf)
      Game Stats Sheet (pdf)
      Goalline Training (pdf)

Managers Trainers
Manager Information Kit
      Coach and Manager Presentation (ppt) 
      Coach / Manager Handbook

Reports, Requests & Game Sheets
      Game Sheet Labels Template (doc)
      Monthly Team Penalty Report (xls)
      Referee Request Form
(Once this form is completed it is to be emailed to

Fundraising Information & Templates
      Team Budget Template (xls) 
      Fundraising & Sponsors (pdf)
      Sponsorship Letter Template (doc)
      50/50 Draw Template (pdf)
      Skate A Thon Template (doc)

      Approved O.D.H.A. Events and Activities (doc) 
      Name Bar Form (pdf)
      Plastic Team Cards Template (doc)
      Police Check Forms (pdf)
      Referee Complaint & Compliment Form (doc)
      Special Events Guidelines (pdf) 
      Special Event Request Form (ODMHA web site) 
      Special Events Information 
      Sweater Form (pdf)
      Team Roster Form
      Team Volunteer Listing (doc) 
      Time Keeper Pie Charts (pdf)
      Travel Permit Form (pdf)
      Travel Permit - USA

      Speakout Courses
      Time Keeper Courses
Trainers information kit
   Concussion Guidleines For The Coach/ Trainer (pdf)
   Emergency Action Plan (pdf)    Hockey Canada Player Injury Report
   Stretching & Conditioning Information (pdf)

  Trainer Courses


General Items  Jr. Grads Records
      2009-10 Competition Report for AGM (pdf)
      2009-10 Affiliation Report for AGM (pdf)
      2009/2010 Season
      2010/2011 Season  

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